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The Brain… it makes you think. Doesn’t it?

David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and bestselling author and Raymond Tallis, former professor of geriatric medicine at Manchester University and author

And what about our brains?

Can a Pill Really Unlock New Parts of Your Mind? An Expert Debunks the ‘10 Percent of Your Brain’ Myth

Is there any breakdown in terms of how much is conscious versus unconscious use?

A huge amount of what our brain does is not conscious.

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The Science of Making Decisions

One of the greatest surprises in decision science is the discovery that some of our best decisions are made through unconscious processes. When subjects in one study evaluated what psychologist Ap Dijksterhuis of the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands calls a “rather daunting amount of information” about four hypothetical apartments for rent—size, location, friendliness of the landlord, price, and eight other features—those who decided unconsciously which to rent did better. (“Better” meant they chose the one that had objectively better features.) The scientists made sure the decision was unconscious by having the subjects do a memory and attention task, which tied up their brains enough that they couldn’t contemplate, say, square footage.

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