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You need to live the present moment, not future or past events.

10. You have to realize that you DO NOT control everything

If you work managing people, this is the big EGO mistake we have. We think we have the control of everything, and it’s completely wrong. We need to let ourselves enjoy delegating task to others.
This comes to the next point.

9. Do what you need. Don’t what you think.

If you put goals to your life, how you see yourself in 10-20-30 years, you will measure better what it’s really important for your future, and what’s not.
Measure the importance of the things, it’s something will help you prioritise what you need to solve, and what it could be delegated.

8. Selective Memory

It’s a scientific fact that you can choose what you can -save- or not in your memory. From NOW, I recommend to you to -stop saving- information until you get your own peace. Forget problems. Forget solutions. Just focus on what you have to do now, schedule the rest. Plan how much time you need for doing the things, and use that time, no more. If you -can’t finish-, do not worry, continue next day. You’ll learn to know how to manage better your time consumption of any task.

7. Use alerts and schedule -the problems-

Trying to do not -saving- everything inside your head and trying to listen what ever you need to solve, write it down in your calendar or to-do list.

“tuesday, 10AM: Solve X issue”.

This will give you INSANE space in your mind. And do not think on that until tuesday 10AM.

6. Use your time in a proper way

You have not force yourself to do things, you have to bring motivation to do it. You need energy and your brain is taking it from you.
Having good habits, will make your mind change.
Have a coffee with friend(s), workout daily, walk 30 minutes a day (preferable with nature around, sea, mountain, park, anything…)…

5. Use your body more than your brain.

Did you notice that if you make a strong workout, your brain is like -empty-?
When you get tired, you just stop thinking too much. Your brain slowly try to  focus on what you are doing. More you exercise less you think.

4. Use your subconsciousness

Do you arrive to bed and suddenly your mind start thinking in 20 things a time?
This is because your subconscious mind is trying to solve your 20 problems. When you are relaxing at your bed, and your brain is trying to relax too, in fact what you are doing is opening is trying to relax your -conscious mind-.
This open a window for your subconsciousness to say -hey, i’m here and i have an idea-.
This is called -Alpha state-. Different States of the Mind

3. Reprogram your subconscious mind

If you are not living your present, it’s because your brain is not living the same moment than your body.
Also I’m writing a book related to that.
See your life in 10-20-30 years like a said. See yourself. Imagine yourself. Feel the moment. Now track a program to arrive to there. What you need to be in 1,2,5 X years.
Now you know, what you need of this particular year. Define 3 things that makes you arrive to that goal of the year and makes your happier.
Write it down in a paper or -in the app- if you want.
Read it daily before sleep and just after wake up.

Also a little help for solving your things. Tuesday 10AM you have to solve something pending. Yep. If this is so important for you and it’s part of your milestones to achieve your perfect year, write the solution on this list of 3 things to read. You have to maintain the list short. This is not a to-do list. This is a message for yourself saying -this is what i want-.

I.e. in calendar: “Tuesday 10AM: Make the contract for X-client.”

At your App or Paper: “I have X-client and It brings happiness to our company”.

2. The future will arrive -alone-

Now your future is there. Just, leave it there. Don’t run. It will come alone. You have to think that you will not recover minutes. People spend a lot of money to recover time in their life, trying to feel/look younger, etc.
Every minute is unique. The minutes I spent in this answer, the minutes on you for reading it. They Are Unique! and it will not return. Think on that.

1. Believe in yourself.

That’s it.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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