About Rudy

After 17 years of entrepreneurial life, I had a terrible sporting accident. One minute I was riding a quad over the mountains and, then, I woke up in a hospital. To this day, I really don’t know what really happened. I was following my friend,and so he didn’t see it either. I lost my memory, my short-term memory. I still don’t remember going to my friend’s house the night before the accident.

Suddenly I was facing the biggest challenge in my life. Add to this the fact that I was in the middle of a divorce, and my business going through hard times, and now my health. But, the good thing is that I couldn’t remember any bad moments from the last 20 years. In fact, the doctor said it’s normal for the brain to disconnect while the body is suffering. What is not so normal is that my brain not only disconnected, my brain only remember good moments. I remembered being at the hospital asking my father, “Where’s my wife? Why is she not here?” – I didn’t even remember our separation.

Over the next month, my memory came back to normal slowly, and I began seeing some of the bad things from the past 20 years. Bad thoughts were coming to mind. Then, the distant words from a good friend of mine re-entered my consciousness: “Rudy, you are in a hamster’s wheel. Running, runnnnning, but you have forgotten after all this time why you started running and why you’re doing what you’re doing”.

Fair enough. I saw how easily things could change suddenly in our lives. From that moment, nothing was more important for me than living “today“. In the moment. The 6 months that followed were extraordinarily difficult for me. Returning to the real world, I traveled to San Francisco alone. And there, I met incredible people. My body recovered, and I recovered my “self”. I recharged my life with positive energy, but the most amazing thing I learned is that almost everybody I knew was in their own particular “hamster’s wheel”.

I began reading books, going to coaches, practicing meditation and yoga, watching videos… all in a search for how to stop this stressful kind of lifestyle.

This brought me to the point of “how our brain works“, sometimes helping us, more often hindering us.

If you have an exam to take, a race to run or a client to convince, and your mind tells you,“Hey, this is not looking good for you. You can’t”, then you probably you won’t able to do it.

I studied the why. More than the 90% of our actions, thoughts and sentiments come from our unconscious minds. That means if we are afraid, uncertain, or our instincts are saying “you can’t”, the probably the unconscious part of our brain will orchestrate some mistake when you are attempting to take action.

This is because our unconscious brain functions 800 times faster than our conscious brain. Every feeling, every calculation, every step forward has been pre-planned by our unconsciousness. So if you want to go further in your life, the first level you need to reprogram is your unconsciousness.

I simply started with myself using the scientific studies I had researched about visualisation and how to do it effectively. But I was missing one thing, reminders. I was also missing the way to do it properly. It wasn’t simple. I saved pictures, took tons of notes, sort of like like a TO DO List – but it was not working.

So I searched for and then asked coaches and experts in meditation when the best moment to access our unconsciousness is. That is when Start My Day was born. These experts told me that the best access moments are right after you wake up in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. These two moments are portals for accessing your unconsciousness. But of course you need a tool that can help you get there without THINKING. The Start My Day App worked for me. After seeing the initial results, I worked to develop and perfect it, and now Start My Day is a simple but highly effective way to reprogram your unconsciousness and get everything you want in your life, easier, better and faster than ever.

I want to share with you a long list of cases of what you can achieve by just believing in yourself and using your unconsciousness the way you want to. I’m helping the some of the hardest cases to recover, and I’ll share them with all of you.

For me:

– I’ve turned my life around in 3 months

– My shoulder is fully recovered after 4 months (the doctors said that it might never fully recover)

– My business is growing

– I have a lot of trusting friends

– I’ve met a lot of beautiful people

Very simply, I have recovered my “self”.

If you have your own story, please share it with me hello@startmyday.co. I’m going to make a blog posting with all those unbelievable stories.

Please register and I will give you advices meanwhile I finish the amazing app.

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